Druid College - Pricing

The Druid College three-year training programme cost is kept as low as possible as profit is not a primary goal of our organization. We must cover the cost of venue hire, as well as workshop and external tutor costs (such as wilderness survival/foraging, permaculture, etc.) however we may be able to arrange small concessions for those wishing to attend but are unable to provide the full tuition (on a case by case basis).

The fee is £300 per year. This comes out to £75 per weekend, or £37.50 per day. This covers 56 hours of training in person, as well as correspondence outside of the four weekends per year. It also covers a hot meal once a day. Tuition fees do not include travel expenses, books or other course material, and does not cover the cost of accommodation. We can recommend inexpensive local bed and breakfasts where applicable for the winter sessions, and during the summer months there are camping sites nearby. A deposit of £100 is required for reserving your place on the course. This deposit is non-refundable except in extreme circumstances. Full payment is required a month before the course begins.

Committing to the entire three years is not necessary. Payment for the training is from year to year.