Programme Overview

News Update for New Applications:

We are currently on hiatus as we reconfigure the course. We can currently offer our Introduction to Druidry Online Course in the meantime. For more information, please do get in touch. 

Keep an eye out on our website during the coming year for any updates on our programmes.


The Druid College offers a three-year programme in crafting sacred relationship. Our course is a path of awakened celebration and service to the land, the people, and the Divine; by which we hope to guide the apprentice to be a priest of Nature. Our programme is not a distance learning program. It is four exploratory weekends plus one Saturday in September. Courses are offered in Essex, England. Personal study is required between gatherings and additional mentoring is available between weekends.

Committing to the three-year programme isn't necessary to begin. The decision to continue study is done year to year. Our pricing structure reflects this. 

The three-year priesthood training is outlined below. More information regarding the nature of the training can be provided upon inquiry. *Please note* - Applications for our Year 1 course are now closed, and will not be open now until 2019.

Year One - Reweaving Our Broken Connection to the Land

We begin with a deep dive into the core principles of Druidry. The course will cover the three aspects of druid training, exploring the gifts and crafts of the Bard, Ovate, and Druid. Each core craft works to reweave our soul connection to the land we live in. The goal is not to make every person a druid, but to learn how to craft a sacred relationship to the land, the people, and the Divine. This is the beginning of the path, not the end.

The first year will provide the student many tools to explore the world around them, helping regain that sense of wonder we had as children, dancing in the beauty of Nature, running through the world guided by our curiosity. Using the three worlds of Land, Sea and Sky, with sacred Fire at the centre as our framework for the year, we guide the student in how to work intimately with Nature, how to craft a deeper, more wakeful relationship to the Earth. Using tools from Druidry, we wake up our soul. We learn to listen with our entire being. Reweaving our connection to the land and our personal cultural heritage, we find our place in the world.

Year One is a deeply transformational year. It offers the student an intense study into the world of Druidry and Nature-based spirituality. Providing experiential learning opportunities, each gathering is wrapped in ritual with study and mentoring between weekends.

Year one studies include:

Core principles and teachings of Druidry, Living with Honour, Rooting in the Earth, Working with the Ancestors, Animism and the Spirits of Place, Listening and Druid meditation, Awen and the cycle of creativity, Working with the Nemeton, Developing Authentic Relationship, Inspiration and the Poetic arts, Storytelling and cultural heritage, The Cycle of Life and the "Wheel of the Year", Working with the Gods/Deity, Anarchism and the end of Submission, Emotions and "riding the energies".

Dates for Druid College UK Year One course:
14-15 October 2017
20-21 January 2018
21/22 April 2018
21-22 July 2018

Year Two - Shapeshifting, Healing and the Arts of Transformation

Having journeyed a full year reweaving our connection to Nature, rooting ourselves in the land, year two leaps into realms of myth and transformation. We dive head-long into "Cerridwen's cauldron", so to speak. This is a year of working with energy, the unseen as we learn to build bridges between us, our ancestors, and the spirits of nature. This is a year of deeply shamanic exploration, learning the arts of transformation and "shapeshifting" - essential tools for priests of Nature.

The use of ritual and trance is heavily emphasized in year two. Where year one was about finding our selves, working to understand edges and boundaries, year two is about crafting flexible boundaries, so that we may change and shift them as needed. Exploring potentiality, possibility and prophecy, year two is about letting go into the darkness, seeking inspiration without limits.

In year two we learn about integration, allowing growth for the "I" without the "me" getting in the way.  We learn to let our edges soften, becoming one with the landscape, allowing our souls the opportunity for immersion with the natural world around us.  We learn our own importance without being self-important, and we learn the importance and sacredness of all existence.

This is the work of year two, bringing into balance our needs for grounded focused presence and our need for letting go of the self, and finding our place in the moment where edges all disappear. Ultimately there is no difference between these two. We learn to shift as needed based on the relationship of the moment.

Year two also focuses on developing teachers (if one chooses this role). The goal isn't simply to provide experiences for the apprentice to do their own work. We are dedicated to true equality. We train apprentices, not students. Therefore we teach people how to facilitate these same practices and sacred rites for their own students and apprentices.

Year two is very much about leadership and responsibility. Having journeyed through light and dark, through myth and metaphor, rooted firmly in the Earth, supported by our ancestors and having crafted true intimate connection with the gods, we are able to take on the role of priest, as Druid, as Shaman, Witch, whatever the appropriate name for our work. At the centre of all of this is walking with the wisdom of Nature, fed by Nature, taught by Nature, healed by Nature. Having done this work, we have the skills and potential to lead others back into the forest of great learning and wisdom.

Year two studies include:

The Awakened Life; Ritual Trance Induction, Crafting Sacred Ritual; Healing; Prophecy and the Seer; Defining what is meant by Applied Inspiration in Service; Ethical Leadership; Bridge-building as Peacework; Justice and Permaculture; Philosophy; Nature and Relationship to Consumption; The Mirror of the Self, Preparations for Declaring your “Chair”

Dates for Year 2, 2018/19 are:
13-14 Oct 2018
19-20 Jan 2019
27-28 April 2019
20-21 July 2019

Year Three - Declaring your Chair

The nature if year three is that of being in the role as priests. We envision this year as one of walking the path and sharing those activities with the staff and other apprentices, learning from each other and acknowledging the work. More details on year three will be coming soon.

 Year Three studies include:

Declaring your “Chair” and manifesting it locally, Purposeful Sharing in Community, Pilgrimage, dissertation/presentation